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Understand the financial requirements when buying your next home.

  • 2

    Saving to buy a home

    • How to save for a home down payment

    • More on down payments

    • Income considerations Part 1: Salaried, hourly, commission and more...

    • Income consideration Part 2: Self-employed

    • First time home buyer options

    • First time home buyer incentive program

    • Quiz: Saving to buy a home

  • 3

    Introduction to mortgages

  • 4

    Mortgage Approval

    • Mortgage pre-approval

    • Mortgage pre-approval vs approval

    • How much can you get approved for

    • The mortgage stress test

    • Getting approved with bad credit

    • What is a credit score?

    • What is a mortgage cosigner?

    • Insured vs conventional mortgage

    • What happens if your mortgage application is denied?

    • Quiz: Mortgage approvals

  • 5

    Mortgage rates

    • Interest rate vs. mortgage rate

    • How to shop for the best mortgage rates

    • Quiz: Mortgage rates

  • 6

    Mortgage payments

    • How do mortgage payments work

    • How to pay off your mortgage faster

    • Pay off your mortgage fast or invest?

    • Quiz: Mortgage payments

  • 7

    Home financing: Your next steps

    • Home financing: Your next steps